I love blogging.  I enjoy sharing my love of needlework with others.  I enjoy talking about my business.  But I am a perfectionist.  And I want my blog to be brilliant.  To have wonderful people visiting it, and admiring my work.  The same way that I admire the work of others.

To me, my blog is not the wonderful place it could be.  Some of the blogs I read present their photos in attractive ways.  They style their photos beautifully.  And I wanted to know what their secrets are.


So I wait for the perfect time to take that perfect photo.  and I look for the perfect words to write that perfect post.  And I look for the perfect person to guide me on my journey.

So when I discoverd that Holly Becker, from Decor8, had a blogging course, I signed up.  And 12 months later, I still refer to the information provided in that first online course – Blogging Your Way.  And the second (Blogging Your Way 2.0).  When It came to the Blogging Your Way Bootcamp, I had to think carefully – one of my issues is lack of time.  Another was wondering if I still had much to learn from Holly, and her team of teachers.  And I decided that this was too good an opportunity to pass up.

So for the last two weeks, and for another two weeks, I am once again a student, struggling to keep up with my homework, but enjoying this course and meeting so many wonderful bloggers.

And I hope that by the end of this month-long course, my blog will come closer to my perfect ideal.

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2 thoughts on “Bootcamp

  1. Dropping by from BYW, and i must say that I love your blog – I will be coming back to read through older posts and to keep up with what you are doing!
    I think you’re going really well!

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