Time is a healer they say.  And I had hoped that by giving myself some time, I would heal and find my blogging voice again.  But I am still healing.  I am still finding my feet.  And I am still grieving.  For what was.  For what could have been.

Life goes on.  And everyday I am one step closer to healing.  To moving forward.  To discovering new destinations.  I am making my peace with leaving behind what must be left behind, and doing some deep soul searching to discover what must be taken with me.  I am rebuilding.  In January, so many in the blogosphere mentioned their word for 2013.  Mine is “REBUILD”.  Rebuild who I am.  Rebuild my career.  Rebuild my business – if that is where I am taken.  Rebuild my family.  Rebuild my home.  Rebuild my devotion to all things needlework.

I have always tried to keep this blog focussed on needlework.  But as part of retrieving my blogging voice, I find myself musing more.  Musing about needlework.  About home making.  About teaching.  So for 2013 I plan to extend the scope of this blog.  To be more introspective and look at what matters to me.  My home, my work, my needlework, my business.  And although they are number 1 to me, rarely will I mention my children.  They deserve privacy.

Will I blog more?  I hope so…

Happy New Year.

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