This year I have not done a lot of stitching.  My heart just has not been in it.  I come up with all sorts of excuses as to why I don’t stitch – too busy, the light is poor, too tired.  And it is a combination of each of these, but I think if I am honest with myself, I could also say that it is none of these.  Stitching gives me the opportunity to just think.  To let my mind wander.  And I have not wanted to let my mind wander.  For if I did, maybe that steel backbone I have been relying on may just shatter.

But recently I have started to stitch again.  To want to stitch.  To be happy to stitch.  And I have been working on a simple design.  One that I loved from the moment I bought it for the shop.  It is La D Da’s “Plain Alphabet”.  The chart suggests the Belle Soie silk thread ‘Old Crow’, but I wanted to do something a little different and have used WDW Teal Frost.



I am loving how easy this is to stitch. And am looking forward to having it ready for my sampler wall in my new house.

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