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Don’t you hate it when every thing seems to be against you?  First the delay due to the painters – they finished yesterday.  Then there was the simple fact that I went away last weekend.  Then it was back to work for the start of Term 3 on Monday – to a 6 on day, followed by running around after the kids, meaning that it was pitch black by the time I got home!  Tuesday I did not fair much better, then Wednesday, I went to post, only to discover that my domain registration had expired!  I had forgotten that the registration for the domain had been using the email address from my previous internet provider!  Oops!.  But as you can see, this is all sorted now.

So now on to the Studio.

In 2013, it is very different to how it has been in previous years.  As I prepare the house to sell, I decided to turn the bungalow studio back in to a guest house, pack up the studio and move what I needed in to my office.  My home office has also had several major transformations this year as well.  At this point in time, the bulk of my studio is stored in various places through out the house – the boxes of fat quarters currently reside on a shelf  in the master bedroom walk in robe.  I have 5 tubs of needlework materials in the laundry in the storage space there.  And more items in the sideboard in the family room (I will show that when I do the family room reveal.)  I also still have a lot of things to be packed away and moved to the house in the original studio.

But for now, my main space for creating is in the study.  The photos are pretty awful.  They were done at dusk, in a hurry.  And at the moment, as I write this, the contents of the master bedroom closet are currently taking up residence in here.

First let’s look at the desk area.  The place where I craft my blog posts, run my business and prepare for my day job.



Currently a mess, I am trying to keep only what I use all the time on the desk.  I don’t like the position of the lamp, but it needed to go there while I worked out the power cords.  The board behind the printer is a combination notice board/inspiration board.  The desk chair is a boring black fabric covered chair from Ikea, and the desk is an ikea desk top on Ikea trestle legs.

Moving around the room in a clockwise direction, I have 2 wide and a slim Billy bookshelf.  Ideally I would love to have only my needlework items in here, but at the moment, these shelves also contain work, personal and business folders and things as well as some needlework items.  But as I continue to declutter, I can see a lot of these items disappearing.


At the moment, the Periodic Table of Sewing Elements, from The Scientific Seamstress, is sitting on the window frame, but I plan to have it on the wall before long.  I am trying to decide whether to put it on the wall above the computer, or on the wall beside the computer.


The cabinet above was the first bit of furniture that I ever bought for my needlework supplies.  Currently it contains various needlework magazines, such as Quilting Arts, Cloth Paper Scissors, Studios, and Sampler And Antique Needlework.  Some of the magazine boxes also contain some of my vast collection of cross stitch charts.  The folders contain some of the course work materials from various courses I have done over the years.  On the top shelf, I have several kits – two of the boxes are for the Cabinet of Curiosities course.  To protect my Cup of Contemplation, I have left it in it’s box for now.  I also have another Thistle Threads project in another of the boxes, and a reproduction sampler in the fourth.  The stuffed toys are the ONLY ones that I have done!  And they are for my day job.

Over the next 2 weeks, I need to get my house back in to some sort of order, then I will continue to set up my studio so that I may enjoy it for the last 6 months (hopefully) of my residence here.

I hope you have enjoyed this tour of a very pared down creative space.  I hope that either next year or the year after I will be able to share with you a more permanent space.

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