A Stitching Soiree

Last Saturday I had the most fantastic day!  For the first time in around 12 months I spent the entire day stitching.  Not only that, but I spent it stitching with around 100 like minded ladies.  Lisa of Fig n Berry Creations runs a couple of stitching soirees each year, but this is the first time I attended.

After a mad rush getting the last minute bits and pieces done before the Open House that was happening here on Saturday afternoon, I arrived at the Keystone Hall in Croydon with my car boot full of ironing, and a basket with my stitching supplies in my backseat, just as the doors to the hall opened. (I had no where else to stash the washing during the open house!) The Soiree is beautifully organised, with all attendees being assigned tables.  I was very fortunate to be sharing a table with a gorgeous lady I have known for several years through quilt camp, Kerry.  As I went to sit down, I realised that I had left my camera at home on my desk!  Now I ask you, what half decent blogger does that?  Never mind, there is always the iPhone camera.  So I hope my pictures are considered to be okay!


In my place was a paper bag that had been beautifully decorated with scrapbooking paper.  It contained 6 designs, with 2 of them partially kitted.  I pulled out the large stitchery “Twas the night before Christmas’, bought the Cottage Garden Threads “Canna Lily” that was called for, and sat down to stitch.  And talk.  And eat.  By 4pm I had made good progress on this stitchery.  I had also bought the felt that I need for a sweet little candle mat that I hope to complete before Christmas as well.


I had a wonderful day, and did not want it to end, so I continued stitching at home, completing most of the border before bedtime (I am a slowish stitcher, especially as I have done minimal stitching this year)


I had such a wonderful time, and cannot wait until I get to do it again next year.

(edited 17/11/13)

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5 thoughts on “A Stitching Soiree

    1. I am anxiously looking forward to seeing the finished project as well! I just need to make time to sit and stitch!

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