2013: A short retrospective

Over the last week I have noticed a lot of blog writers posting about their 2013 achievements.  And I was reluctant to join in.  After all, what had I achieved in 2013?  I have yet to finish one stitching project in over a year, I have written few blog posts, I have struggled to keep up to date in both real life and the cyber world.

It wasn’t until I walked in to my front room on thursday that I realised that what I had achieved was so much more than anything I have experienced before!  After a tumultuous 2012, I faced 2013 with determination.  A determination that the events that resulted in a devastating end to 2012 would not hold me back.  And it hasn’t.  I have experienced so much success, much of it very personal, so I wont discuss it here, that I can look back on 2013 with pride.

What I can share here, and am proud to share here is the one goal that I have had for my entire adult life.  It has been my goals for more years than I care to think about that ‘this will be the year that I declutter my house’, this year I will be more organised.  And this year I will have a clean house.  One that I can be proud to invite guests into.

Well 12 months ago, my front room looked like this:


and this:


Today, it looks like this:


and this:


A place where I can relax, and think, and read and stitch.

This is not the only room to be so totally transformed.  And I am maintaining it.  So yes, I have achieved a lot in 2013.  And now I can look forward to 2014…

Until next time…

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