Crazy Saturdays…

What a crazy day I had yesterday!  For the first time in more than 12 months I went to Mrs Martin’s Quilt Shop for a stitching morning!

It was great to be able to just sit and stitch.  No feeling of “I should be…” or feeling guilty because “I have to…”  I just sat there and worked on my Fig ‘n’ Berry Project “Twas the Night Before Christmas.


From there it was across town to one of my favourite stores, Villa Maison.  Over the years I have taken a lot of inspiration from this beautiful store.  The way they display “rooms” has me often wanting to replicate the effect.  And yesterday was no different.  It was their winter collection launch.


Villa Maison vase/candle holder and flower

At the door we were greeted with a delicious glass of Sangria or hot chocolate.  On entering the store, we were entertained with Spanish music by a local band.  We were able to wander around the store, with a plate of tapas in one hand, and a glass of Spanish sparkling in the other.  While here I picked up some great ideas for my new house, particularly for my bedroom and my front room.

Sadly I had to leave the store, as I needed to be at my new house for a final inspection, that did not happen.  However, a lot of good came from that, as I now know the very first maintenance job I must complete is to change the locks – the front door would not unlock! (Locksmith booked!)  I also know that the second job is to get the side gate repaired.  At least I know the dogs wont get out of there once the gate is properly closed!

then it was off to get my nails done.  Followed by another night of packing boxes for the move.  Crazy Day!

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