2014 – A Review (Part 2)

Yesterday I left off at June. Today we start with July. Arriving back from camp on the 1st of July, we entered the school holidays. One night the children and I had a wonderful movie night…


Then in August we celebrated my little girl’s birthday.


September saw my son participate in our school’s Presentation Balls. For the first time in years I was on the other side – a parent, not a supervising teacher. It was a really strange feeling!


In October I went away for a weekend to Wangaratta, catching up with several old school friends, and several weeks later joined one of these friends with another for a night on the town here in Melbourne. (Sorry, no pictures!)

November was a really busy month for me, with exams and the Year 12 Graduation evening.


Only days after that I went away with the Year 8’s on their camp, and it was a totally different look…


Yes, 2014 was a year of ups and downs, but looking back on it, there are so many wonderful memories. And I am so looking forward to making more in 2015!


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