2015 – A creative year…

So… What do you think of my new theme?  You have looked right?  It needs some tweaking.  The slider on the front page is too large, but I am using this to give me some ideas of what might work on the Needlework Boutique’s site.  I will be starting the revamp of that site today.

My good friend Annemiek told me about an Instagram project #creativeeveryday.  I love the idea, and have decided to participate.  On Monday I started a new project.  I wanted to finish off some projects, but I need to locate the thread for one (it kind of disappeared during the move last year), and really did not feel like doing a Halloween themed project.  So as my studio is still in boxes (note to self – just do it!) I decided to start a new project.

One of my favourite designers is Stacy Nash Primitives.  Although simple, the charts are a tad more complex than a band sampler as you really have to be careful with your counting.  The chart I am stitching is the Blackwork Pinkeep.


I only got one thread of DMC 310 stitched on the hand dyed fabric that I collected many years ago from Silkweaver.  It is a 32ct one of a kind colour that was just perfect for this design.

New project started today.

Sadly I did not get any stitching done last night, as I spent most of the day sorting through the mess that is my study, and then I took the kids out to dinner.  Today is supposed to be another really hot one – more than 30C, so after spending some more time in the study this morning, I will be sitting down to stitch this afternoon.

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