The Study

Over the past month, I have been trying to get things organised in the study.


I think I have finally worked out the layout of the room, but I still need to get the furniture.  I am planning to have a built in desk the entire length of one wall, with overhead shelves.  The desk it self will be divided into 2 specific work zones.  The one closest to the window will be my sewing area.  I will also use this area when I am marking student work, or preparing for classes.  With the afternoon sun streaming through the window, it gets a bit hot when I am at the computer, so computer work will be closer to the door.  Under the desk will be drawers at each end, plus either drawers or a cupboard separating  the two work areas.


In the meantime, I have been focussing on putting away the stuff that accumulates over the course of a year.  It took me several weeks, but it is almost done.  Most of what is now waiting to be put away properly is teaching stuff.  Oh, and in that basket is a whole lot of charts waiting to be uploaded to the Boutique.

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