March Goals

The 2015 school year is off to a busy start. Already I have a mountain of corrections piling up. One of my goals this year is to complete my corrections in a timely fashion. And I am working away at it.

One of the tasks we have had for this year is to develop learning goals for each of our students in each of their classes. For the most part their goals have been developed as long term goals. If I had time, I would look at shorter, monthly goals that would help them achieve their larger goals. Just as I am trying to do the same for myself.

One of my long term goals for 2015 is to be more organised in my business. So my short term goal for March is to get back on top of my corrections. As soon as I finish here, I will be back to it.

The Needlework Boutique needs a makeover, and that is in the works right now – I just have not had time over the last 3 days to start the transfer over to the new look. My goal for March is to finish setting up the new site, and upload at least 300 of the 1000+ images.

I have really missed my stitching over the last 2 years. In March, I will be stitching more, but first I need to get my eyes tested again.

And finally, I really want to be better organised this year, so I will finish setting up the study.

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