I Am Enough

Today I finished reading Brene Brown’s “The Gifts of Imperfection.”, a book recommended to me. You see, I am an introvert (if any of my colleagues are reading this – yes, I am an introvert! ). With all that has gone on over the past few years, I was really struggling. Who am I? Why can’t I? Why me?

I always wanted to appear perfect. Perfectly in control, the perfect Mum, the perfect teacher, perfect housekeeper, perfect business owner, perfect, perfect, perfect. And you know what, that can’t happen. And over time all I could see was failure. I wasn’t a good enough teacher, mum, wife, business owner, and let’s not even start on the state of the house! So everything, and I mean everything started falling apart.

And this is where Brene Brown entered my life, first through her TED talk, and more recently through this book.

Today I embrace Wholehearted Living! Today I know, I AM ENOUGH!

I am writing this blog post on my iPad in a Gloria Jeans cafe in Adelaide. I don’t have any pictures to share. I am not sure about how I include an affiliate link from Amazon to this amazing book in to this blog post (when I return home I will figure out how to include the book in my sidebar). And I don’t know if the free WiFi I have tapped into will allow me to post. But you know what. Today I have turned up. Today, I am enough.

(PS. The wifi dropped out just as I was trying to upload the post. Oh well. I will try again later!)

(First written in January 2015)

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2 thoughts on “I Am Enough

  1. You know, you are! And I am still sorry we live so far apart, our friendship hasn’t really had a chance to blossom!

    1. Thank you Jantine. And I also wish we still lived close. But I have great plans of returning to The Netherlands. And when I do, I WILL be visiting you!

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