Blue Rose

Many years ago I subscribed to a newsletter written by Ellen Chester of With My Needle.  This was long before she started her design company.  As a result of this newsletter, I collected a number of projects along the way.  These were projects that were stitch alongs.  I started several, but never finished any.


Some time ago, I took out The Nostalgic Needle’s Blue Rose Sampler.  And was horrified!  I had barely started it!  I am not joking!  For more than 10 years – I would say around 13 years, it sat, with maybe 30 stitches in the outer most border, ready for the day that I would again pick it up.  And finally, I did pick it up again.


Over the last week I have really enjoyed stitching on this project.  So far it has been quite simple.  Good lighting, glasses, and a comfortable seat and I have made fantastic progress.


And you know what?  I rediscovered one of the reasons why I have always loved my stitching.  It is so peaceful.  It is calming.  It is mindful.

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