Making Me Happy

It has been some time since I have written a Making Me Happy post.  Not because I have had nothing to write, but because I keep forgetting to write on a Sunday, or have so much going on, I run out of time to write.

Over the last few months I have had lots of happy events –

    • a weekend in Wangaratta, including driving to Harrietville and discovering the most amazing cafe just outside of Myrtleford.


  • watching my boy play basketball.



  • becoming the proud mother of an 18 year old.




  • working on the web store.
  • getting the car washed regularly
  • spending time stitching in various groups that I belong to.


  • Shopping with my mum.  (Love the shoes I bought!)



  • Getting involved with new communities on line.



  • having a fun photo session, with gorgeous photos of me (oh which one to choose?)



Yes, I am happy.

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