Weekend Wanderings

HazelBlomkampWhew!  Today has been a busy one.  Taking kids to various events – one to the hairdresser, another to a party and the 3rd to work – kept me out of trouble all morning!  Oh, and an … interesting… trip up Mountain Highway (one word – cyclists!) to collect family photos from Tony Rawson Photography (simply gorgeous!) Yesterday I looked at the Craft Alive website for the first time in ages, looking at dates and possibilities for the Boutique, and noticed that they had their Stitch event in Pakenham this weekend.  So after dumping the boy at work, it was off to Pakenham for a short, hit and run visit. Whoops.  Not so hit and run!  I walked in after paying my $10, and there to my right was Cascade House – just the most beautiful embroidery threads!  Crewel wool, embroidery silk and silk ribbon.  Can we just say drool time?  And she stocks wonderful Crewel designs by Hazel Blomkamp!  I was so disappointed that I had to pass by the kitted designs, but at around $200 each (give or take a few dollars) they were well out of my budget of … $10!  What can I say, I just went to look! I decided to see what else was there, and would make my choice of pattern after I had looked at everything else.  Other exhibitors included a number of different patchwork stores, Dainty Stitches, Jennifer Bee Embroidery, Under the Mulberry Tree, several bear stands, among others. Chrissie’s Timeless Treasures was the next stopping point.  I have known Chrissie for years, dating back to her Blue Willow days.  Today she was just as sweet and lovely as she always has been.  It was so wonderful talking to her.  I could have bought so much from her stand, but remember – I had a budget of $10.  So I bought a gorgeous $15 pendant, and really considered buying a second one! ChrissieThen I briefly caught up with Karen from Mrs Martin’s Quilt shop, but as I will be seeing her next weekend, decided not to spend much time chatting, and I did not even look at the Fig n Berry stand, as it is her next Soiree I will be attending next weekend! I then stopped to talk to Robyn(?) from Cascade House for a long time, admiring her silks and really thinking about my casket.  Imagine, a 16th Century inspired casket made from Cascade House silks.  Hmmm, I may just check it out some more!  And I chose my pattern.  embroidery hazel blomkamp

Still have to collect the boy from work, but what a day!  So it is back to the real world – more charts to enter onto the website tonight, as well as a heap of school work, but I may also use this evening to do some more casket reading and planning.


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