Remember the movie?  Those cute little critters that turned into nasty creatures?  Well, maybe nasty is not the word for it, but Gremlins really hit this blog big time in the first couple of weeks of the year!

Late in December I decided to do my 31 Days of WIPs and UFOs again in January for the first time in a year or 2.  But there was a problem with that – I was going away from January 4th until January 13th.  “Okay,” I thought.  “There is this thing called scheduling.  I will schedule the posts for while I am away.”  So on January 1 I logged on to my blog, and performed all the updates that were waiting for me.  And my blog crashed!  And stayed crashed.  For 2 more days!  On January 3rd, I was finally able to produce my first blog post of 2016.  But I still needed to finish preparing for my holiday as I needed to leave the house at 6.30am the next morning.  “No worries” I thought.  “I am taking my iPad and I have the relevant pictures on it.  I can post while I am travelling using the WordPress app.”  And on January 4th I attempted to write my first post.  And promptly locked myself out of my site!  So there went those plans!  While I was away, I left my son in charge of my house.  He had full access to my internet.  And used 40GB in a matter of days as he performed a couple of updates on his XBox, resulting in our internet access being reduced to dial up speed until this morning.

So I am moving the rest of my 31 Days to February and now need to come up with suitable post material for the rest of this month.

Until next time…

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