Elizabethan Fantasy

A year or so ago, I went back to the Embroiderer’s Guild of Victoria, after letting my membership drop.  I went primarily to meet up with other Cabinet of Curiosities ladies.  Some of these ladies were also working on another beautiful casket – ‘the other casket’, one designed by the talented Maree Talbot.  They started working on me immediately, and when a new course was offered for last January I signed up.  I missed the first day as I was en route from Thailand, but I went to the second.  In some ways, that was a mistake.  I went away, unsure of what I was doing.  That was panel 1.  Nope, have not started it yet.  The sample piece is still a work in progress.

The next 2 panels have been offered over these school holidays, and I have just spent the past 2 days at the Guild, working on them.  Each panel is a 2 day course.  We have just finished day 1 of both panels.  We have a break tomorrow, then it is back to panel 2 on Tuesday, with panel 3 happening on Wednesday.

It is too dark right now to photograph what I have accomplished today, but here is Fricassee.  I spent all day – 9.30am until 3.30pm on him yesterday.  I can not tell you how many times the frog came to visit!  Hmm, maybe that is a critter to put on my CoC casket.


I need to stitch some more on Fricassee over the next 24 hours.  I need to finish his ears and outline his body ready for some more detached button hole stitching.

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