Stitching Again

Fricassee has been very good for my stitching mojo. I really want to get back to that pesky rabbit. But I have some other projects that currently need my attention. A couple of months ago I discovered that the Craft Alive event Pakenham Stitch! was coming back again this year. And major win for my business – it is during the September school holidays. So for the first time in 7 years I will be doing a consumer show. Yay.

But that has caused some problems too. The website is still not finished. And I need new models! So I had a look at my stash. Both my shop stash and my personal stash. And gave in to my love of red samplers. I had the perfect linen and thread in my personal stash, and the perfect sampler – Ann Womack 1838 by Shakespeare’s Peddler.


Having lost my stitching mojo some time ago, I was really quite concerned about taking on a project with a stitch count of 223 x 223! But I fell in love with it immediately! I have already put in several enjoyable hours, and about to put in another tonight – I have two choices – stitch or work on the website. Tonight, I will stitch a little.  Later this week I will share my fabric and thread choices with you, and my decision to stitch Ann in the manner in which I have.

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